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You Tigers have a certain two sides to you that only Tiger’s understand and know. Inside, you often feel unloved and lonely. On the outside, it’s the exact opposite – you’re brave and reckless – in truth you have plenty of courage, but your mind belies you.

So, you can be a bit scary sometimes, even though you are honourable, generous, loyal and charismatic. Picture Indiana Jones, the daring, swashbuckling adventurer or Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen – “the Red Baron” – the World War I daredevil fighter pilot… and you have your archetypal Tiger. Inside, you’re softer than others could imagine, whilst on the surface, you’re all about show and heroics.

Tigers are born leaders – even if they don’t have any followers! You are adventurous, fearless, audacious, energetic and because you have great power, physically and of character, you are willing to jeopardise whatever it takes to achieve what you want. You cannot be peaceful for very long and often attract trouble and fights… especially if someone steps on your tail!

So, the question is do people like to step on your tail? Of course, they do. People love provoking Tigers – but they don’t like it! Either way, even though your obstinate and impulsive behaviour does get you into difficult situations, you easily bounce back from any obstacles because… you are lucky.

Of course, you want everyone to accept and like you, without having to be a super hero, just so you can get the basic appreciation that you feel you deserve. The problem is that you know that this will never happen, you know deep down that will never be, and you will always have to – in fact, you will constantly have to meet new challenges. An explorer at heart who hates be chained, you travel to faraway places just because they exist.

Business and career

Racing drivers; lion tamers; army officers; advertising executives; pilots; managers; explorers; missionaries; musicians; writers; and painters (as long as you don’t need to take too long practicing); politicians; entrepreneurs… get the picture? Risk takers and high fliers… so if you do any job that puts you in a cage you will automatically fail at it; if you don’t believe that, just look at any depressed tiger in its cage in any zoo and you will see the reality!

You Tigers often suffer obstacles and you can even suffer bankruptcy, but you’ll always spring back – and you always manage to have an endless source of new money-making ideas and schemes and this is indeed your strong point. Indeed, you have so many big ideas that your brain occasionally overheats and you can’t see the good from the bad.

You will blossom in any job involving innovation and variation… especially if you are outside with no desk – for inside you will wither like a wild rose in a cosy sitting room.

When courageousness and speedy judgements are necessary, Tigers are natural leaders, plus you are champions of the under-dogs too. Although you appear to be laid back you make for an extremely hard worker, but you have to lead… you simply hate to take orders.

On the other hand, if you are given lots of responsibility – you won’t let others down – and you in return expect large rewards for your hard work.


Tigers are born for romance – natural born lovers; you are the world’s greatest lovers and passion is your middle name. You are at your best when you’re in love – and you’re a great romantic indeed. So, you can be easily hurt if you are let down because you give everything in love and you make faithful lovers… up to a point. That point is when you get bored, which happens regularly, and then you like to move on to a new challenge!

You seek out love and affection and love to give it in return, in fact, your passion, energy and imagination for love is unlimited and only a few can match this and many will simply become exhausted trying. However, as Elvis said:
“I don’t wanna be a tiger
‘Cause tigers play too rough”
and so, you love sex because if you can be in charge and passionate, that suits your character – but in truth a bit of tenderness from time to time would be useful… like a Teddy bear!

Emotionally the Tiger is like a small child; they see and want something and once they get it they play with it non-stop – until they have either destroyed it or gotten bored with it, then they finish with it… and then they forget about it immediately. So, in bed you are fun loving, audacious, original, inexhaustible, potent, and creative; the bed is your home and where you take other creatures to feast on. Luckily, even though you can be a little overexcited and demanding you are able to be sensitive and considerate lovers. But you are very greedy, and others should beware – they might not last long!


Tigers are the unwilling stars of family life; they are the best parents any child could wish for and they can be one of the best family people around, but will ignore their family if they can; pretend they are single; and even pretend they don’t have a family! Actually, they like to run away from responsibility, dislike having a family, fight against having children and will generally make out that they would rather be free to explore the depths of any jungle than the depths of the carpet pile, laundry basket and the nappy… but they are still the best!


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Creative
  • Brave
  • Adventurous
  • Lucky
  • Charismatic
  • Generous
  • Honourable
  • Loyal
  • Passionate
  • Entertaining
  • Strong
  • Active
  • Exhausting
  • Hasty
  • Dangerous
  • Reckless
  • Headstrong
  • Scary
  • Lonely
  • Impatient
  • Obstinate
  • Unreasonable

Relationships with other signs

Tiger – Intensity, can be favourable or unfavourable depending on character.

Rabbit and Ox – Helps you grow, gives support but can be uncomfortable. Will support each other in an external sense, but will not share any true inner communication.

Rat and Dragon – Brings opportunities and growth. Compatible elements, eager to exchange and work together.

Pig and Snake – Brings challenge and conflict. Tremendous growth is possible under this stressful aspect.

Horse and Dog – Comfortable, harmonious, brings creativity and expansion.

Goat and Rooster – Difficult to communicate with each other, requires adjustment and adaptation. Since they have little in common, it is difficult to harmonize their energies.

Monkey – Confrontation, against each other. Through an opposition, a person has an opportunity to gain greater awareness of himself/ herself and others. Sometimes, these forces cannot be resolved and the only solution is to compromise.

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