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A Monkey’s reputation for being sprightly and quick-witted, always positive and entertaining is often counterbalanced with them being manipulative and cunning. However, that is only because the rest of us are too slow, but you are very fast to see how a situation can benefit you!

Monkeys are independent and clever and don’t freak out under pressure, so they are the best to have around when a situation puts you under pressure. You are often the life and soul of any party, as well as being the generous host who is never at a loss for vibrant conversation.

The Monkey is the most difficult sign to be precise about: the chattering chimpanzee; or the aggressive and destructive baboon; or the clever ape; or the silent, strong gorilla… Whichever you are, there will be some characteristics that you all have in common; being sociable, busy, enthusiastic, curious and inquisitive are amongst them, as are being cheerful and active.

Business and career

Monkeys wither under routine or regulations. You dislike being bored, and if you are, you will immediately change your job. You really like to be busy, and any job you do should include constant action, travel, speaking, and lots of mental and physical stimulation; you also need a job that gives you plenty of freedom and trust, as you hate having anyone looking over your shoulder or breathing down your neck.

A Monkey’s imagination knows no boundaries and doesn’t know order nor reason. The Monkey is full of huge ideas – all of them outrageous, magnificent, impractical, lavish, and basically – ludicrous. However, Monkeys lift our spirits, motivate us, cheer us up, inspire us and basically create an aura of belief and enthusiasm, so we can move on in life.

Thus, the Monkey’s talents can be put to good use in critiquing (theatre, writing, art, books, and so on); selling; talking; teaching; motivating; adventuring; exploring; and wherever they have continuous trials, confusion, noise, and chaos – they can excel.

Love and Romance

The Monkey is not exactly in for the long haul, when it comes to relationship. They are in for one moment – and then gone the next. If you like that sort of thing, great; if you don’t then it’s heart-breaking. So, if you want a long-term relationship, or some tranquillity, order or stability – don’t get involved with a Monkey. If you want fun, laughs, mingling and great sex and in short, a short-term affair, jump in the love boat with the cheeky Monkey! They won’t give you deep conversation, be concerned about your emotional health… or respect you when you wake up in the morning… but the Monkey is always seductive, charming, amusing, and ready to sweep you off your feet.

So it is with love and sex. You fall in love quickly, and fall out of love again just as quick.
You love to move on to the next lover/ partner/ conquest as soon as possible and are known for your charm and enthusiasm.

Thus, just like in every other area of your life, you get bored very quickly even though you begin enthusiastically, so it’s important for you your sex is passionate, varied and plentiful; new places, new things, with plenty of experimentation and exploration.

If you want to marry a Monkey – forget it. “I do” Is not in their repertoire and anyway, they will be gone before they can answer. They hate being hitched and restricted; the only way it can work is if they have someone as loose and fluid in life as they are.


Any family with a Monkey will be raucous, sparkling, and busying. The Monkey can famous for creating trouble – it’s easily bored, and likes mischievous behaviour and teasing, which can be extreme for other family members. Monkey likes to be head of the household, otherwise it’s in its nature to incite quarrels, query choices and, defy authority – so don’t blame it for this, just endure it – or find a way to avoid it, if you can!


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Innovative
  • Fun
  • Active
  • Motivating
  • Inquisitive
  • Sociable
  • Clever
  • Quick-witted
  • Flexible
  • Creative
  • Shrewd
  • Competitive
  • Manipulative
  • Impatient
  • Suspicious
  • Cunning
  • Selfish
  • Arrogant
  • Conceited
  • Opportunistic


Relationships with other signs

Monkey – Intensity, can be favourable or unfavourable depending on character.

Goat and Rooster – Helps you grow, gives support but can be uncomfortable. Will support each other in an external sense, but will not share any true inner communication.

Horse and Dog – Brings opportunities and growth. Compatible elements, eager to exchange and work together.

Snake and Pig – Brings challenge and conflict. Tremendous growth is possible under this stressful aspect.

Rat and Dragon – Comfortable, harmonious, brings creativity and expansion.

Ox and Rabbit – Difficult to communicate with each other, requires adjustment and adaptation. Since they have little in common, it is difficult to harmonize their energies.

Tiger – Confrontation, against each other. Through an opposition, a person has an opportunity to gain greater awareness of himself/ herself and others. Sometimes, these forces cannot be resolved and the only solution is to compromise.

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