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The Self

The Self is the consummate networker and the ultimate people-person. They are identifiable by their strong need to engage and connect with people. They make excellent delegator at work and are super resourceful.

The Self brings people together and creates connections; supporting others and recognizing strength. The Self Profile is naturally drawn to people. You are also extremely resourceful and have the inherent gift of being able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. You know how to get things done and are often generous and warm.

At an unhealthy level, they can be too people-pleasing to the detriment of their own interests and may resort to manipulative and crafty tactics to get their way. When courage takes the wrong turn, they can be very rebellious for the sake of being so. They are also prone to being self-centered, stubborn and insincere. You can sometimes take a fall from your pride, and when pushed into a corner you may become insecure and focus too much on others instead of yourself.

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