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The Diplomat

As evident in the name, the Diplomat is mindful of what others think and is eager to keep the peace. They are righteous, law-abiding people with the ability to project a warm and calming vibe into the environment. They are often meticulous workers, great group leaders and solid friends.


The Diplomat is righteous and law-abiding; a well mannered personality committed to goodwill. The Diplomat Profile is an upright citizen and a protector of values. You enjoy good esteem among others and are often humble and unassuming. You will not be easily won over by lies and fraud, you respect principles and strive to uphold them. You are great supporter of rightful causes.


On the flip side, they tend to retreat in times of conflict and be only concerned with keeping a low profile. They can often suppress their own interests and opinions in order to “keep the peace”. At their worst, they can be alarmingly passive to kick start any endeavors or projects.┬áSometimes you can sacrifice your own needs and become overly accommodating to others to the point of being used. In some cases you may be too concerned with rocking the boat, and surrender your own opinion in favour of the bigger picture.

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