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When we over-think or eat too much sweet food we overuse our spleen, which is responsible for providing energy to our brain. Mental burn-out can lead to physical burn-out and too much sugar can cause diabetes, so it’s very important to eat a balanced diet and to give yourself times to relax and let go of all thoughts. In Chinese Medicine the spleen is associated with the earth element since all nourishment such as vegetables and fruit come from the earth. It’s similar with us!

According to Chinese medicine the Spleens energy or Qi system includes the Pancreas, also known as “the minister of the granary”. The job of the Spleen and Pancreas is to extract and assimilate nutrients from food and fluids by providing the digestive enzymes and energy required by the Stomach and Small Intestine. and to co-ordinate with the Kidneys, to control the quality and quantity of fluids and circulation throughout the body.

The paired organ of the Spleen is the Stomach being the Yang organ whist the Spleen is the Yin Earth organ. They are both associated with the Earth colours of deep Yellow. Its hours of peak activity are 9 – 11am, directly after the Stomach.

The Spleen houses the body’s thoughts and intentions the “wisdom mind” or Yi and is responsible for analytical thinking, memory, cognition, intelligence, and ideas.  It cleanses and modifies the blood and houses the bodies Yi and is responsible for directing memories to the Kidneys for short-term memory storage.

It takes energy from the Stomach and the Lungs, where it is mixed with energy inhaled from the air to produce “true human energy”. The Spleen influences upon the muscle tone and if the Spleen Qi is deficient then weak limbs and muscular atrophy can result. The sensory organ connected with the Spleen is the Mouth and pale dry lips are a sign that Spleen function is weak, whereas red moist lips show a strong Qi flow in the Spleen system.

The emotion connected with the Spleen is temperamental moodiness or in Chinese “bad spleen energy”.  You can see this moody reaction reflected in the mouth. The other negative emotions attached to Spleen imbalance are worry, regret, excessive thinking, obsession and self doubt.  Worry locks the Spleen energy flow and causes it to stagnate. The positive ones are trust, openness, acceptance, balance and impartiality which obviously create a balanced Spleen energy.

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