The most famous people in the world according to their Chinese Zodiacs and Main Elements (Chart)

Posted on October 4, 2012

Last week The Economist published a list of the 1.000 wealthiest people in China in accordance to their Chinese Zodiacs. Rabbits came first and the second was the Snake.


We have our own database of most famous people, mostly in the western world, over 1.600 of them, so we decided to have a look as well.

Please note that our database is a bit different from what was represented in The Economist which is purely business oriented. Our database contains mainly actors, musicians, sports people and politicians. There are some business people as well but it’s mostly focused on the fame factor which is different from financial succes.


Surprisingly Rabbits and Snakes are not doing so well in the west, Rabbits being on 10th place and Snakes last. On top of the chart are Dragon and Dog together.  Nobody is sticking out as the big winner or loser, all zodiac signs are quite balanced.


We also prepared a chart for the 10 Main Element personalities, where Yin Metal came first. This was to be expected considering that Yin Metal people are very much fame driven in their acting, singing and general stage performance.


To find out which Zodiac and Main Element you are please use our free Element Analysis.

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