Introducing our Database of Famous People – Find out what the Celebrities are made of

Posted on August 17, 2012

Pet project with massive potential
The Database of Famous People is our pet project which turned out much more extensive than we anticipated. We are preparing some even cooler stuff for the future. At the moment our database comprises around 1.100 famous people. By the end of the year we are planning to collect information about over 2.000 celebrities, practically covering anyone who ever achieved anything significant in their lives, on global scale.

How to use our database?
The first thing which comes to mind is to find out who has the same elements and zodiac as you. You can do that by simply applying filters in the top left corner. If you are searching for something specific  you can use the search option to find certain keywords.
You can also use this tool to find out which profession attracts which kind of  elements. We noticed for example that Yin Metal people are naturally very keen on acting or hosting TV shows.

Future Database of famous People
Our plan is to add a function to check peoples elements, destiny and luck, connect these with their real life achievements and see how their elements determine their success and failures. We would like to offer this comprehensive service as soon as possible, as it would definitely help to understand ourselves much better and enable us to learn to recognize the patterns and nature of elements.

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