Yin Metal Series – Conan O’Brien

Posted on August 13, 2012

Image: Wikipedia

Today is last day of our Yin Metal week, so this Sunday we shall introduce two more persons.

The first is one of the most famous TV Hosts and comedians of our time, Conan O’Brien. He is another typical Yin Metal showman with large amount of Yin Wood, making him very attractive to the audience.

As most other successful Yin Metals, much loved by the public, he has no Yin Earth element in his chart which could make him dirty and reduce his shine. Yin Earth is the most dangerous element for Yin Metal, as it can make them sick or draw very negative publicity to them.

Conan O’Brien is a very good example of clean Yin Metal. He is very straight about his actions and he doesn’t like strange hidden business or affairs which might ruin his image, which is extremely important to him.

You can check his full element analysis here.

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