Why Titanic sank – A strong water year meets metal day and earth hour

Posted on November 29, 2012

Behind any event there is a combination of elements which plays a major part in its cause.

We examined the element situation of the day when the Titanic sank, that time bringing more than a thousand people down with it.


The year 1912 in itself was overloaded with water. A Yang Water / Rat combination is practically all water.

The 14th April 1912, the day of the disaster, was extremely high in metal, a Yang Metal / Monkey combination. The situation couldn’t be worse. Overwhelming water meets heavy metal. It was a very bad day to send such a huge ship on such a long journey.


The very moment the ship hit the iceberg, 23:40, was also very unlucky, Yang Earth / Rat (Water). The month was strong in Yang Earth as well. Yang Earth represents solid rock, or in this case, an iceberg.


This kind of element combination occurs maybe once in 60 years. When combined with several human mistakes and an enormously sized ship which has never been tested before, then you get a tragedy.


The name itself, Titanic, was also very unlucky, putting even larger emphasis on metal element.


Another interesting fact is that the moment when the Titanic went under and hit the bottom it was 2:20 am. The elements of that moment were double Yin Earth, soil, the bottom of the ocean.


The 14th April was a day when everything went wrong. The metal was too strong to float and therefore sank. The chart of that crucial moment was overloaded with the lethal combination of Water (Ocean), Yang Earth (Iceberg) and Yang Metal (Ship), creating this historic disaster which until today is remembered as the mother of all sea catastrophes.


At the time everybody was thinking, the ship was unsinkable, and from a logical point of view this was true. But from the element point of view, if a certain combination hits, something which seems impossible suddenly can become  a cruel reality. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does we all remember it.


We  should all learn more about the laws of nature and respect its rules. Otherwise nature has to teach us again and again that we are not fully in control of everything going on around us. Knowledge and awareness will make our lives much simpler and spare us suffering, such as the suffering of the people on the Titanic and their families on both sides of the Atlantic.



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