World Cup player of the day – Cristiano Ronaldo

Posted on June 24, 2014

cristiano-ronaldoWe will make a little exception today and choose the player of the day not entirely because he was the best, but more because Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players in a history and considering that Portugal might not go any further, we will use this chance to present his chart.


In yesterday’s game, Portugal vs USA, he assisted in equalising the goals literally only a few seconds before the end of match, which kept Portugal’s hopes up to go to the next round.


Ronaldo is a Yin Wood person, born in the month of the Tiger, which represents the beginning of the Spring season, when Yin Wood is gaining strength. He is one of those strong self elements, the wood element being very vibrant in his chart and supported with water and enough moist earth to feed the roots. When the self element is strong these people tend to be very confident and with a strong ego also often showing themselves. This is the reason why he really enjoys all the media noise around him. He is like beautiful blooming, healthy plant which likes to be admired and presented.


When somebody has a very strong and healthy self element, they are also very competitive and thrive under pressure. His metal element is low and he actually does not need it.


This is one very well balanced Yin Wood and again we see the same pattern as in most other players, a high creativity profile, Yang Fire, which in turn feeds his wealth.


His relationship and money profile is clearly visible in his chart.. Therefore he is very attractive to women and people generally. Everybody can see easily what he has and he is willing to present it.


Altogether, an excellent chart with creativity and money profiles perfectly balanced. The older he gets, the more creative he gets and the more money he makes. It is one of those perpetuum mobile money charts.

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