Yang Earth Series – Mark Zuckerberg

Posted on September 12, 2012

Image: Time

Yang Earth people are currently in very lucky period for business and making money. This period lasts from 2004 to 2024. Mark Zuckerberg started his company exactly on beginning of this lucky period, February 2004, and in the year of Yang Wood / Monkey, which is loaded with his favorable elements.


Therefore it’s not surprising that Facebook became one of the biggest and most famous companies that emerged in last few years, founded by this extremely strong Yang Earth personality.


Generally, Yang Earth people have the ability to make big. When they think business, they think of dominating the market, anything else is simply not worth doing.  Yang Earth represents the mountain, the continental plate, a solid mass which is fundamental and immovable. Yang Earth people tend to be very stubborn and hard to push from their trajectory. These qualities are very obvious in the way Zuckerberg is running his company.


Zuckerberg is loaded with Yang Earth. Almost all his other elements are insignificant or mostly in minus. Such a strong Yang Earth person in this lucky Earth element period, no wonder he is gone beyond it all.


What is also helping him to grow his business to this extent, is his Rat Zodiac, a very money orientated and success driven sign.


There is only one problem which might slow him down. Legal problems are appearing in his chart. We have already seen Facebook struggling with privacy issues and geting plenty of bashing from the press and this is just the beginning as Facebook continues to expand. Legal issues are the only thing which could stop his company from expanding even further. He will have to make sure to make wise decisions.


Here is his Element Analysis


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