US Presidential Elections – The Final Showdown. Who Will Win?

Posted on October 27, 2012

Credit: Charlie Neibergall

After more than a year of battling, over 2 billion dollars raised and spent, 3 TV debates, endless polemics about all kinds of issues and the unavoidable internet memes including horses, bayonets and battleships, we are almost done.


One more week and we will find out whether Obama will keep his hot seat or whether it will be taken by Romney.


So, let’s see what we can predict from the element point of view, how their luck is developing during this critical period.

Romney’s unlucky period
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Mit Romney is a Yang Metal person born in spring, which makes his metal slightly weak. His power and authority come from Yang Fire which is fairly strong.


2012 is Yang Water and Dragon year, and throughout the whole year the Fire element is very weak, almost non existing. There are several more problems concerning Romney’s 10 year luck cycle, where his authority element, Yang Fire, gets completely clashed away.


Considering the importance of Fire for Yang Metal people, and especially in Romney’s case, who needs strong Yang Fire to boost his authority, we can say that his chances for winning the presidential race are slim.

Obama has better chances but his presidency will be troubled
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Barack Obama is a Yin Earth person. Earth people are generally in a lucky period from 2004 to 2024 with many important people currently being Yin or Yang Earth, as for example Mark Zuckerberg or Roger Federer.


Obama’s authority element is Yin Wood but rather a weak one. Our current Yang Water and Dragon year is favorable for his Yin Wood as Dragon itself represents spring, where Yin Wood is strong and contains Yin Water which nourishes his Wood element.


His 10 year luck cycle is also in favore of him, keeping his authority element strong and in place for another 8 years.


The problem with his authority element is a certain instability and likelihood of getting shaken easily by various incidents. Therefore his popularity is never as high as called for and this problem will continue during his next presidential term as well, if he gets in.


It is therefor very likely for Obama to win these elections but his next 4 years will not be easy.  His popularity will decrease and he will face challenges from all directions. By the end of his 8 years of being in charge it is very likely he will be accused of not having made much of a difference, in spite of having made a genuine effort, to bring about significant changes, as only ox people can do.


Tough times ahead for America!

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