Hugo Chavez – the perfect example of chart extremes

Posted on March 7, 2013

Hugo Chavez is the perfect example of a chart in extremes, which has formed his personality considerably.


When opening his chart first one notices it’s completely lacking five out of ten elements. This fact made him a very straight forward person with only a few personality traits and rather easy to read.

When one, as in his case, is lacking Yang Fire, Yang Earth and Yang Metal the characteristics of opposite elements become emphasized. Here they are Yin Fire, Yin Earth and Yin Metal. Therefore we can say for Hugo Chavez, he was extremely ambitious and had a very agressive attitude when it came to persuing his goals. He liked to make quick money, preferably without doing much work, and was ready to break the law to meet his own ends. He also was not very well educated and lacked general culture and etiquette.


He was a weak Yin Wood, without a drop of water in his chart which maked him very unhealthy. Being born in a Wood Horse year he had very good communication skills, could be quite humorous and was able to inspire people but also had a pretty bad temper.


All this is telling us is that he was very much out of balance, bad tempered and always expecting everything to happen now. His work and behavior ethics were rather low because he completely lacked the elements which would have controled his agressive and opportunistic behavior.

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