And Oscar goes to… Christoph Waltz

Posted on March 20, 2013

Image: Wikipedia

This is our 3rd post on Oscar winners, check out the previous ones on Daniel Day Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence.


Christoph Waltz was born on a Yang Wood day in a Monkey year. Yang Wood people are known for their ability to do only one thing and bring it to perfection. Yang Wood people are however not suitable for main roles, being the head of a company or any kind of leadership position. They are more suitable for secondary roles, under strong supervision. Therefore we mostly see Waltz playing a great role in a great movie and always as an auxiliary part, but here he is often able to steal the show due to his incredible acting skills.


Christoph Waltz was born in the middle of autumn when the metal element is the strongest. Therefore we consider his Yang Wood to be weak.


At a first glance one could say this person has quite unlucky and unbalanced chart. His Yang Wood is weak due to strong metal. But, the birth elements form a static chart, while every person goes through different lucky periods which can change the overall picture considerably.


At age 41 Christoph Waltz entered 20 years of wood element, which increased his luck and enabled him to become more successful in his career. Earlier he was relatively unknown as an actor, except in Germany. His popularity increased drastically in 2009 with his brilliant Inglorious Basterds role of a german SS officer.


In 2010-2012 we had 3 wood years with Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon, during which he was very busy with 5 more movies, including Django Unchained, which brought him an Oscar for best supporting role. This double wood luck brought him to the peak of his career.


As we can see, his chart very much depends on wood elements and he has to use these years very well. His career will stay strong until the age of 61 when the wood element will slowly get weaker making him loose his key support.


Christoph Waltz also has solid money luck but he is a type of person who prefers quick gain without working too hard for it. It’s interesting that from the outside he seems to be a very creative and outspoken person, kind of loud, but from his chart we can see that this is just part of his outside personality. Once you get to know him you will realize he is a rather principled and disciplined person who’s job and career are always in his main focus.


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