Why Luka Modric suddenly becomes so valuable?

Posted on March 22, 2013

Image: Marca.com

An article in Marca elaborates on how come Luka Modric suddenly is becoming a hero of Real Madrid while just few weeks ago he was labeled as last year’s biggest flop amongst football transfers?


Luka Modric is a Yin Metal person without any fire element in his birth chart. Normally a Yin Metal with this kind of element condition, especially when lacking Yang Fire, wouldn’t be able to shine, wouldn’t have any leadership skills and would struggle with any career altogether.

So what happened?


Well, luckily we are currently in Snake year which brought him the desperately needed Yang Fire element. This will be definitely his year.


But it makes one wonder how he managed to be successful so far? The answer lies in his lucky periods, from age 20 to 40, where he is supported by fire energy and thereforeĀ is able to pursue such successful career.


His money luck is very solid and his creativity is not in question at all, he is a very skillful and smart person, but without this fire element luck he would never be able to enjoy as good fortune as he does now.


Luka Modric is also a Wood Ox, so he is creative, intuitive and a hard worker, somebody who doesn’t give up that easily. We saw this quality in him many times, especially last year when he was constantly criticized for his games but kept working on it. Luckily the Snake year arrived and his creativity can bear its fruit.


This year is a key time for him but even bigger glory and results are waiting for him in the next 10 years. He is a very lucky boy, to have this fire luck showing at perfect time. He needs to use this period extremely well, after 40 his glory and luck will diminish. Hopefully he will be settled financially and career wise until then.

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