The Dance Of Light Between Marissa Mayer And David Karp

Posted on May 23, 2013

downloadSome elements complement each other very well. one of the most dazzling relationships definitely being Yang Fire and Yin Metal. Yang Fire represents the sun while Yin Metal represents any kind of precious jewellery. The Sun loves to shine on reflecting objects and provide energy whilst precious metals love to be shone on and sparkle and be bright and beautiful.


Whenever a Yin Metal person has a lot of Yang Fire element or, the other way around, a Yang Fire person has a lot of Yin Metal, this person will most probably be famous or simply influential.

The latest example occurred in the tech world just few days ago when Yahoo bought the hyper popular blogging platform, Tumblr.


We looked into the chart of Tumblr’s founder, David Karp, and discovered that he is a Yin Metal person with plenty of Yang Fire element in his chart, which is responsible for his career.


Interestingly enough, we are now in Snake year and Snake month (which mainly contains the Yang Fire element) and yesterday, when the deal was announced, it was a very strong fire day on top. David Karp got the career boost of his life.


When you look at David’s chart you might notice that his fire element is bit overbearing, and normally this might be a problem, Yin Metal born in the middle of summer when fire is strong usually does not stand the heat very well and this chart would be classified as generally unlucky. But the good news for him is that at the age of 10 he entered 30 years of metal luck, making his metal much stronger and able to handle the strong fire. He does have some water as well, to cool things off.


His metal period is peaking right now, between the age of 20 to 30, making this the period where he will be the most successful  After 30 his metal will slowly start losing in strength which will result in a slow decline of his career, fame and general support. This exactly matches the 4 year contract he signed with Yahoo, when he will be 31 and we presume he will leave or be replaced, due to the change in his element luck.


It is also interesting that Marissa Mayer is a Yang Fire person, so no wonder he fell for her charm. Yin Metal people simply love the Yang Fire element, if they are strong enough. Their affinity is very obvious when they appear in public and in how they are bragging about each other. These two are really enjoying their partnership.


David Carp`s money luck is also very solid, his chart being all together rather balanced. A type of person who can do anything, he is creative and knows how to deal with money and manage people as well… but his real challenge is yet to come, when according to his destiny the metal element begins to diminish.


If he would be aware of the elemental trends in his chart, there are ways to make changes in order to remedy difficult situations and make the best of his opportunities.

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