Jay Moriarity – The man who surfed the biggest waves on earth

Posted on June 13, 2013
Jay Moriarity

Image: sfgate.com

Jay Moriarity is one of the most famous surfers in the world. He died very young, and was most famous for surfing one of the biggest waves on earth, Maverick. There is a movie about his life called Chasing Mavericks, it’s very inspiring story.


His chart is incredibly interesting, a Yin Earth without any drop of water and no wood, all together missing 6 elements. These kind of charts are very special but also very challenging. People with only few elements in their chart are very simple in their goals and aspirations. He had only one goal, to surf the biggest wave on earth.


His incredible desire to master the ocean is absolutely understandable considering that he didn’t have any water element in his chart. One of the biggest purposes of strong Yin Earth person is to control water element (and all activities related to it), that’s how they balance themselves.


Jay Moriarity chart


His Yin Earth element, although lacking wood or water which are extremely important for the earth, was surviving on massive support from fire and additional earth elements, which represents his family, friends and fans, which he had in abundance during his short yet incredible life.

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