World Cup player of the day – Mario Balotelli

Posted on June 15, 2014

mario balotelliYesterday we had another clash of the titans, Italy and England, Italy winning 2:1. The game itself wasn’t anything special, the hot and humid conditions in Manaus not being of much help. We choose Mario Balotelli as player of the day for several reasons, but mostly because he is such a character that we are all dying to find out what his chart is about :-)


Check it out here:


Mario Balotelli is a Yin Earth person, born in the Monkey month, which represents the beginning of the autumn season, when the Metal element is on the increase. He has a strong Metal structure in his chart, between Rooster and Monkey, makes him a creative person, really interesting as our previous players of the day, Neymar and van Persie, were also very strong in their creativity profile. Obviously this is something common among Athletes.


Many of you are probably wondering why he is so eccentric and rebellious? The answer lies in his weak Yang Wood properties, which in his particular case represent authority. Therefore he is sometimes unable to control himself with even his coaches and managers have trouble putting him straight.


But nobody can deny his creativity, which is dominating his chart. Therefore most coaches will swallow their pride and adjust themselves.


In the video bellow you will find out all the crazy things he did, many of them proving his big issue with authority, but also showing how he really likes to support people, help them grow, one of the main qualities of a Yin Earth person.


His combination of zodiac animals is also interesting. Horse and Monkey are very energetic and need constant physical and mental stimulation. Rooster (mark his hair style!) is very showy, which really sums up everything.


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