Yang Metal Series – Adele

Posted on August 21, 2012

Image: Wikipedia

Name: Adele    
Born: 05-May-1988
Profession: Singer, Songwriter
Main Element: Yang Metal
Zodiac: Dragon

Today we are introducing a young singer who shook and shocked the world with her outstanding songs, unmistakable voice and utter brilliance.

Adele is a strong Yang Metal person, born in Dragon year as well as Dragon month. Her way of singing and creating music is very powerful, typical for the mighty Dragon, combined with a Yang Metal personality.

She is in control of the entire process of creating her music, from writing songs, making recordings in the studio, writing arrangements, singing as well as doing final production, being capable of covering many aspects of her industry, which is typical for Yang Metals.

Her proportion of Yang Earth is extremely high, dominating her chart. This Yang Earth aspect gives her stability and the ability to become great, make big career and build big business, especially as it is now a very lucky period for earth people in general.

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