Yang Metal Series – Muhammad Ali

Posted on August 19, 2012

Image: Wikipedia

Name: Muhammad Ali
Born: 17-Jan-1942
Profession: Boxer
Main Element: Yang Metal
Zodiac: Snake

How strong Yang Metal people can actually be becomes apparent by the fact that 3 top heavyweight boxers are Yang Metal. 

Mike Tyson, George Foreman and Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all times has an extremely large amount of metal including a large percentage of Yin Metal, which explains his great ability at using the media and presenting himself.

Until today we know him as a genuine celebrity, always able to bring his messages across, regardless whether in boxing, concerning African Americans rights or politics in general. The great amount of Yin Metal, beside his boxing skills, played a key role in him becoming globally known.

His Wood Element, on other hand, is extremely low and as far we can see, this imbalance is the root of his health problem and cause for his Parkinson disease which is related to the liver. Our Liver is regulated by the wood element of which he doesn’t have any.

His boxing activity has depleted his liver which wasn’t strong enough to recover after such extreme trauma and fatigue.

None of his other 4 elements are particularly strong. Fire, another element which is essential for Yang Metal, is also quite low, causing even more health problems.

Bellow you will find more details about Muhammed Ali’s  elements.

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