Yin Metal Series – Lady Gaga

Posted on August 10, 2012

lady-gagaYin Metal week continues on Turtle Luck.

Today we are introducing Lady Gaga.

After further research into Yin Metal celebrities we recognized certain patterns. Usually their Yin Metal is very strong, doubled by a second Yin Metal somewhere in their chart and powered by a strong Yang Fire. At least two Yang Fire elements show up in Lady Gaga’s, Marilyn Monroe‘s and Angelina Jolie‘s chart. Yang Fire makes Yin Metal people shine and with these 3 superstars we can se how that works.

Lady Gaga draws further similarities with Marilyn Monroe by being a Tiger.

Very strong Yang Wood and Yin Wood presence explains why she loves dressing up so much. Yin Metal and Wood make the perfect christmas tree combination, very suitable for publicly showing off.

Lady Gaga, as her fellow Yin Metals, is involved in charity actions, public speeches and other activities of raising awareness. These are positions which suite Yin Metal people most and where they can be very productive.

Check her full element analysis here.

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