Yin Metal Series – Michael Jordan

Posted on August 10, 2012

michael-jordanToday we are introducing the first male person of our Yin Metal Week.

Michael Jordan is probably the best basketball player ever. But what really separated him from the rest is his ability to present himself and build business on top of his image, including his strong advertising deal with Nike, appearance in movies and being involved in showbusiness generally.

His Yin Metal personality was one of the key ingredients which led him to such fame and success. He enjoys publicity and uses every opportunity to promote himself or his product. That’s what a Yin Metal’s expertise really is.

He also has a very strong Yin Wood presence, which together with his Yin Metal personality, creates a perfectly decorated christmas tree.

Yang Fire is present in his chart as well helping his Yin Metal to shine even more.

You can check his full element analysis here.

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