Why Apple’s Jony Ive likes to build products out of aluminium

Posted on November 20, 2012

image: 9to5Mac

If you follow Apple and the development of Apple products closely you have probably heard of Jony Ive, a genius designer, a very good friend of the late Steve Jobs, who’s work is behind all recent hardwares of Apple, including iPhones and MacBooks.


Jony Ive is very much obsessed with using aluminium in all Apple’s products. In the begining it was not so easy to implement, and they had to overcome a lot of technical issues before it became possible to build products such as iPhones and MacBooks which have an unibody alumium frame which is entirely built from one piece of aluminium.

We got intrigued by this obsession and decided to investigate from where Ive is drawing this inspiration to make products mainly out of aluminium.

We found out that Jony Ive is a Yang Water, a rather weak Yang Water as he is born at the beginning of spring, when water is generally getting weaker. Therefore, his natural instinct is to do things in life which will increase his water element. The most suitable elements for him in that case are water and metal. Metal in the five element cycle, produces water. The more activities connected with metal he has in his life, the more water element he will receive, making him stronger, more balanced and more successful.


Metal also has the  ability to hold a water, like a metal cup, which gives a Yang Water person a sense of unity and direction.


It’s interesting to see his luck cycles as well. Ive has been working for Apple for 15 years but only a few years ago he became worldwide  famous and established himself as irreplaceable part of Apple. His elements have lot to do with it. 3 years ago he entered very strong money luck period, supporting his direct income from his job. He has still 7 years to go, so, if Apple sticks with aluminium for longer, we will be hearing from Jony Ive quite a lot during this entire decade. His luck is now very strong and at its lifetime peak.


There is one more interesting information which explains rather well the friendship and cooperation between Jony Ive and Steve Jobs. They were both Goats, meaning they were both very artistic and detailed, we could say a perfectionists in nature. But what is most interesting are their main elements. Steve Jobs is Yang Fire, a sun, Jony Ive is Yang Water, an ocean. These two elements are known for their fast exchange of ideas and turning them into reality. The sun (Steve Jobs) shines down on ocean (Jony Ive) who reflects the light in almost no time. In reality that translates into Steve Jobs providing ideas and energy, Jony Ive reflects ideas very fast and turns them into products. A perfect collaboration, no wonder that these two had such huge impact on world of technology.


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