Water Snake year is approaching – Find out what it has in store for you

Posted on January 13, 2013

water-snake-yearThe Water Snake year is approaching and we would like to tell you what it means for your particular Main Element. If you don’t know what  your Main Element is, please perform a Life Analysis on our website and then come back here.


On 10th February we shall enter the element combination of Yin Water and Snake. Snake on its own represents Yang Fire energy plus some Yang Metal and Yang Earth.


Please note that each element brings positive and negative characteristics. The way you react to a specific element and zodiac combination mainly depends on your exact chart balance.

Yang Wood

Yang Wood people will experience more opportunities and recognitions in classic education. They will either have more opportunity to learn or they will be asked to teach and guide other people. Your creative abilities will increase but it will also bring more introverted and mildly eccentric behavior. You will prefer to work behind the scene and create long term plans. For a lady Yang Wood, this year there will be a chance to get pregnant and give a birth to most likely a girl.


Yin Wood

Yin Wood will share similar experiences as Yang Wood but there will be of different polarity. They will have more opportunity for esoteric / spiritual / unusual learning or teaching. Their creative abilities will be more extrovert and Yin Woods will find themselves expressing their feelings more often. In some cases Yin Wood people will get into arguments with their bosses which might cause them to lose their job or position. Yin Wood ladies will also behave more controlling towards their partners and this might cause some problems. You will also have a chance for a pregnancy and give birth to most likely a son.


Yang Fire

Yang Fire people might have a general problems with Yin Water, which represents clouds, preventing them from being able to shine. If you are a weak Yang Fire this year might be very hard for you, specially from a legal point, so better stay away from dodgy activities and make sure your paperwork is clear. On the other hand, the Snake’s Yang Fire will strengthen your Main Element which will boost your confidence. But if you are a strong Yang Fire this year might cause some psychological problems like being unable to cope with people and preferring to be alone. For single women, this year will bring the  opportunity to meet Mr Right, but it might be bit difficult to keep this relationship. In this case, be aware of competition.


Yin Fire

Yin Fire people might show some aggressive behavior  and will be making radical moves towards their goals. They just have to be careful not to use too many shortcuts by avoiding preparations. This would be very counterproductive. Your social life will get a big boost this year and you will meet lots of new people. With your social skills your sales skills are increasing as well so you will have the chance to make more money. There is a great danger of losing money as well due to your extrovert and generous behaviour. So be very careful with those new friends and business partners you meet this year. Yin Fire girls might have a love affair but it will be hard to turn it into something more stable.


Yang Earth

Yang Earth people will experience major shifts in their careers, either changing / losing jobs or going up or down on corporate ladders. Wether it will be good or bad mainly depends of your individual chart. Single male Yang Earth persons will have more chance to find their true love, but as with Yang Fire, it might be difficult to keep it. You will also experience rising interest in esoteric / spiritual education, or you will get the opportunity to teach others.


Yin Earth

Yin Earth might try to exercise their entrepreneurial skills this year, but be careful, the business will be on shaky legs. People also might recognize your negotiating and business skills, if you have any but never exercised them publicly. Male Yin Earths might also experience love affairs, but it might be short lived. More education and teaching opportunities will also arise this year for Yin Earth.


Yang Metal

Yang Metal people will notice an increase in their creative abilities, will become more extrovert and argumentative which might cause them troubles with their boss or husband, in the case of lady Yang Metal. Inside they will also feel the drive for success and achievement which will make them more aggressive. In this case it’s very important for Yang Metal to have a decent amount of Yin Fire to balance this aggressive behaviour to avoid it going over the top. Some aggression to reach goals is acceptable, but it has to be controlled. If it goes out of balance it will cause legal problems. Female Yang Metals might also experience deep love affairs which may well turn into something more solid.


Yin Metal

Yin Metal enjoys to shine and nothing is better from some Yin Water element to wash and polish them. Yin Metal will aslo enjoy support from the Yang Fire element which will make them shine even more. They will also notice  an increase in their creative abilities but will prefer to stay behind the scenes. Their work will be very disciplined and law abiding. Female Yin Metal people will have a very good chance to meet Mr Right, this is a perfect year for it.


Yang Water

For Yang Water people there is a busy social life ahead. Meeting friends, socializing, selling products, services, projects… You just have to be careful with money, a strong social life usually involves unexpected money loss. You will also have the chance to exercise your entrepreneurial skills, which in combination with your high social activity this year means you may grow your business very fast. This is definitely your year for making it big.


Yin Water

Being boosted by your own element will allow you to experience an increase in confidence, but unfortunately this will be more from the outside. If you are a weak Yin Water person this year will not help you to get stronger roots, which is what you actually need. But what could take off are your career and love life. This will be a year with lots of opportunities in both areas but it will depend on your individual chart structure to see whether you will be able to grab it.


There we go. It is very tricky to make such prediction and to fit all but we tried our best. As we mentioned above, you chart balance is the key here and how strong each element is and how it effects your main element.


If you would like to order a more individualized analysis for 2013 please contact us here and we will arrange it for you.


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