Welcoming Wood Tiger Month

Posted on February 11, 2013

Every Chinese year starts with the Tiger month which also represents the beginning of spring. The Tiger is known for its vibrant energy. It represents the time of the year when hibernation is coming to an end and spring is stirring.


The Tiger’s elements are mostly made up of Yang Wood but also contain some Yang Fire and Yang Earth. This particular month brings us additional Yang Wood on top of the Tiger energy, so we have so called Wood Tiger month, therefore we have an extremely strong wood dominance during this time.

All those lacking and needing the element of wood in their charts will feel a great boost. Weak Yin Wood people will find themselves socializing more than usually while weak Yang Wood people will become more confident.


If you happen to be a strong wood person or you generally have too much wood in your chart, this month might be difficult for you. You may feel pretty irritated as your liver and gall bladder will be stimulated more than usual.


If you are weak Yin Water or Yang Water person you might feel drained and exhausted. For strong metal people wood is very welcome and they might experience good fortune in finances.


From zodiac point of view this month will be very bad for Monkeys, due to their opposite relations with Tigers. Pig, Horse and Dog are zodiacs who will enjoy more balanced times during the Tiger month.

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