Yang Metal Week – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Posted on August 13, 2012

Image: Wikipedia

Here we go, our second week will be dedicated to the most hard working element of all, Yang Metal.

After researching candidates amongst famous people to present here we came to the conclusion that Yang Metals are often multi talented and due to their hard working personality, can pursue several successful careers during their lifetime.

One of the best examples is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He started as Body Builder, becoming Mister Universe at the age of 20 and after that he had sensational movie career, starring in Terminator, Total Recall and many other movies. After decades of acting in blockbusters he ran for Governor of California and won the elections in 2003. In all his careers he practically reached highest goals which is really an extraordinary achievement.

Schwarzenegger is loaded with Yin Fire energy, which is the most beneficiary element for Yang Metals. It is no wonder that he was chosen for the role of Terminator, a strong metal machine which can stand any amount of heat. This character probably gives the best description of his personality and that is why he will be always remembered as Terminator.

Schwarzenegger is, like most Yang Metals, a hard worker who sets his eyes on his goal and does not give up. Sounds familiar? Yes, exactly the same kind of determination which he had as Terminator. The key with Yang Metals is young age training. They have to be under constant pressure, like iron ore which needs fire and pressure to be molded into a useful tool or weapon.

If Yang Metals do not have hard pressure they can get easily lazy, spoiled, depressed and very annoying for people around them.

Schwarzenegger who is a Pig as well, does like to spoil himself sometimes so you can see him around smoking big cigars and looking quite laid back. But don’t let this fool you, behind his Pig mask is a hard working and skillful Yang Metal personality, an unstoppable metal machine, The Terminator.

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