Yang Metal Week – Margaret Thatcher

Posted on August 15, 2012

Image: Wikipedia

Our Yang Metal Week continues and today we are presenting one very special lady, the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, former primeminister of Great Britain.

We hope that there is nobody out there who still believes that her nickname, Iron Lady, and her Yang Metal personality are just coincidence? As you can see here again, there is no such thing as coincidence in life. Ever.

Margaret Thatcher  was a tough leader with a very clear vision. Once she set her goal, there was nobody and nothing to stop her from reaching it. Dealing with details was not her thing and she was rather clumsy in taking care of all those little side effects which came with her strong ruling hand. She was sharp as an axe and many world leaders were quite rightly afraid of her. She was also very harsh with her staff, not tolerating any kind of misbehavior or off-tracking. Still, behind that cruel mask, she was able to show emotions and her soft side when appropriate. She made lots of enemies on her way as she didn’t know how to compromise. However she always wanted and got it her way.

All these characteristics are very typical for a Yang Metal person. That is why people all around the world sensed her type of energy and gave her the perfectly appropriate name, the Iron Lady.

What made her even more tough was her zodiac sign, Ox, which is another hard working element. The combination of these two, Yang Metal and Ox, creates the hardest working personality possible. Tough, sharp, and once on track, unstoppable. The most important thing for this kind of person is to be on the right track. If not, negative consequences can be enormous and not easily to be stopped.

Her chart contains a lot of fire as well, which is essential to make Yang Metal useful and functional. Without that Yin Fire her Metal could never be forged into useful tool.

Mrs Thatcher  took great pride in her appearance, she loved to take care of her hair and impress people with her outfits and jewelry. Well, guess what? She had a fair amount of Yin Metal in her chart as well, so she naturally had to express that energy aswell.

Pearls are absolutely non negotiable :-)

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